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     Sara Parker has a great life and a great husband but doesn’t know why she is terrified of the tiny buzzing cicadas in the forest.

When a fireball soars over her house and crashes into the woods, a physically "perfect" stranger appears and Sara becomes confused by her attraction for him.

She learns that since childhood, visitors have been coming and taking her, afterwards erasing her memory of the event. The stranger is not only linked to the abductions but also to her fear of the cicadas.

The alien-engineered man falls in love with Sara, angering the other visitors and causing grief for her husband. The conflict heats up and Sara lands in prison, accused of murdering both her husband and the stranger.


This story is so well written I felt like I was actually running along with the main characters on their journey throughout the book. The Cicadas is a very easy read and a thought-provoking page turner.

--Linda, Huntsville, AL

I really enjoyed listening to The Cicadas! I couldn't wait to move on to the next chapter! The story is well written and keeps the reader very interested in what will happen next.

--Yvonne, Sturgis, SD

I loved so many things about this novel -- its subject matter, characters, readability, and great ending. It works on many levels. It will entice readers who enjoy "soft-core" science fiction so that you don't need a B.S. to understand. It will appeal to readers who enjoy suspense and horror ... and will ultimately grab the readers of romance novels because at its heart, this is a novel that celebrates love and commitment.

--Kathleen, Detroit, MI


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