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The Ketchup Incident

The Ketchup Incident by Shawn Penning

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     People often do not realize that their actions have impact, sometimes very undesirable impact, on the lives of others. The Ketchup Incident, inspired by a true event, was written to help people, especially children, understand that even things that seem trivial to themselves can have disatrous outcomes on the lives of others. It is a short story designed to make people think. Although The Ketchup Incident is a sad story, there are valuable lessons to be gained from it.

"I cried from both eyes." --S.M., 8 years old, boy

"It is the saddest story I have ever read." -- M.T, 11 years old, girl

     Sometimes it is good for the soul to read or listen to a story that moves us to tears. We often emerge stronger, wiser, and with more gratitude for our own lives and situations. This story, The Ketchup Incident, is just such a tale. Author Shawn Penning wrote this short story to help his own son realize that sometimes even seemingly insignificant pranks can cause harm to other people.

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